Psychology of love



Love is a composition of two bodies inhabited by a soul – Aristotle

Against the background of negative wave swept the country and as a guest author of this great site, I am determined to speak – to talk about love !!!

Please leave what you thought you heard the word love of country – this time I promise you it will be different!

I will try to emphasise how love interferes and helps our personal development and the need for our self-update.

And before you think that you will read another article that leaves you unsatisfied, because once again you have not received answer the damn questions to ask a guy that torment you before bedtime, I know that step firmly and boldly scientific facts described out in Bulgarian and foreign literature.

Objective and subjective reasons most often cause Love. This is of course influenced mostly by the diversity of human nature.

For it can be said that love is realised through activation of almost all the qualities and abilities of the human person.

The need for love occurs most often in non-integrated personalities in people who have grown up away from their roots and have failed to align to the new environment in which they are caught .

This call it “necessary” appears in the absence of built our place in society , our belonging to a group, lack of social contacts, lack of intimacy , growth in an environment without parents, home, family and friends.

The need for love and the need for an affair can occur with people who are contented life specific experience and can not accept its existence without personality that gives them what they have received life.

Calm these people we can call them “addicted lovers.”

Here it is good to mention that this also applies to other necessary living conditions that meet the needs of an individual and he becomes a ” healthy” member of society. We can give the example of food.

A man who has not eaten well and life is deprived of  that afford people opportunities, feels the need to satisfy this hunger and this is rather its main purpose and motive.

Of course, there are many people and so-called noble souls who ignore these small and insignificant they shortages and proceed without fear to the fight for career development. These are people who definitely deserve admiration.

Let’s be honest – not everyone ignores the fact that slightly hungry, preferring to give his last savings book instead of caesar salad!


Love, however, is feeling bound and cross two.

Feeling oriented away from us and it somehow is much easier to fight than to ask their development and self-update.

This is much easier to first have fed secured to seek a mate that loves us and telling us how wonderful we are every day and then ask to become ” big shots ” in society.

However, this does not mean that the world is crowded with people who act in the opposite way.

All this explained above leads to different and varied nuances of the types of love. That’s what we love with a hint of dedication.

Familiar us sensations in those cases where one wants to give everything without taking anything , the other does nothing promised , then it goes obedient heart.

Well, touching and sad, but at the expense of an exceptional common sense these days.

And for exactly this case, psychologists advise not to distribute to endless limits because excessive dedication leads most often to a loss of spouse and diversion from the path of individual development.

One particularly pleasing shade of love that helps personal development of your spouse’s love adorned with respect, gratitude and compassion.

Here the main driving force of the two lovers bound by their desire to facilitate, relieve and support each other in the endeavour.

Thus both individuals receive the necessary space and chances for self-deployment of personal abilities.

The result is a healthy relationship established by mutual assistance and worship.

We come to a kind of love with not very pleasant flavor, but it’s nice to be mentioned, as is common. That sort of love prevail domination, pain and humiliation.

We are talking about a pair of holding absolute differences, but unaware of them at the outset.

Once these people are overwhelmed by the vibration of the butterflies in the stomach considered possibly the eventual overcoming their differences.

Unfortunately, this often leads to so-called oppressive indifference.

And of course, a strong personality has its influence and exert a kind of its power over the weaker.

Simply put, it is not easy to have regard to the powerful man with a strong character. But as the saying goes sometimes heart does not ask .

So in a few paragraphs, I tried to explain the ultimate impact of love, the reason that makes us so dependent and derivatives of this dependence.

We can not talk about rules and laws that are read, learn and apply.

Because love, as we know, is associated with emotions and with them the behaviour is not determined only rational level.

I hope you got a little clarification on the beautiful feeling of love, but reading this article is not to be softening and thought too much.

Just be content needs, do your work, love and if you’re one of those unimaginable dreamers wait for princes and princesses on a white horse.

You know – dreams are free!